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      Handmade Spoon Glass Pipe Bubble Three Dot Blue Color



      Length: 5″
      Standard Spoon Shape
      Frit Design
      Complimenting Colored Accents
      Glass Marbles
      Shipped from the USA

      All of our glass is handmade, and slight variations in color, size, weight, etc. may occur.

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      ★ This is 5 inch Length single Dot glass smoking pipe.
      ★ It’s good-looking, bold and will make an impressive addition to your glass pipe collection.
      ★ Enjoy it with your friends on a group party, on a vacation, chilling out or elsewhere.
      ★ The Push Me Pull You Glass Pipe is extremely visually attractive because it is a Two-color study in the base, negative and accent use of color.
      ★ Each one offers a base color and is then covered in white with a single accent marble of both colors is placed at the middle where the color transition begins.

      Additional information

      Weight 0.14 lbs
      Dimensions 4.8 × 1.5 × 1.3 in


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